A letter to proponents of #NRABoycott

To proponents of NRABoycott –

I don’t care about you. I really don’t. As a member of the NRA Business Alliance, I do not pay $40 each year for the discounts you are ostracizing businesses to terminate.

It does appear you are having some success in your anti-discount scheme and is worth mentioning, I guess. United and Delta airlines have both ceased their affiliation with the NRA-discount program, as well as Enterprise, Avis, Best Western, and about a dozen others. The First Bank of Omaha will be discontinuing its contract to carry the official NRA credit card. REI and other outdoor stores have placed a hold to all new orders of products distributed from Vista Outdoors, the makers of Camelbak and Bell but who also own SavageArms. I must give credit where credit is due. You are achieving this stated goal with a modest level of success. [1]

I now ask: what is the real goal? Is your goal to cause financial stress on firearm and sporting retailers by reducing the discounts available to members of the NRA? I don´t believe this to be true. Last year, my business AAL FIREARMS saved nearly $15 by using NRA affiliates. Losing this will not close our doors… Is your goal to scare and intimidate us to voluntarily close our doors? I doubt this to be true, as well. The financial and bureaucratic nightmare to be licensed as a firearm retailer is already such a burden, attempting to bully one of our (most compromising) lobby groups will go nowhere with us. [2] So, I ask again: what is the real goal?

My hypothesis is this: to all those who march in the streets and bully business owners and employers, to all those who slander and assault the men and women and children who participate in the brotherhood of personal responsibility and self-reliance and outdoor recreation, to all those who have deemed yourself worthy of issuing judgement and defamation, the NRA is not your enemy. Liberty is your enemy. The power of individuals to own their decisions is your enemy. What you advocate is not reducing corporate discounts. You and the Media and every other politician advocate the control over others.

After all, nothing displays independent thought like repeating four-word chants from some guy on a megaphone.

Rhymes are not an argument.


[1] http://time.com/money/5175706/nra-discount-partnership-fedex-amazon-boycott/
[2] http://yournewswire.com/nra-membership-record-high/

¨Never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself¨
– Napoleon Bonaparte (n.d.)

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