Help isn’t coming.

$1,300,000,000,000 will do nothing. It will not keep us safe.[1] It will not educate our children.[2] It will not feed our families.[3] It will not tend our gardens. It will not patch our roofs, fill our wood sheds, maintain our trucks, or prepare us for winter.

$1,300,000,000,000 will do worse than nothing… It will steal property by justifying increased taxes on our productivity.[4][5] It will harm families in poverty by further funding and expanding welfare and removing the incentive to work.[7][8][9] It will kill hundreds of thousands of innocent babies not-yet-born, particularly minorities, by increasing and expanding abortion clinic subsidies (186 not-yet-born children are killed per 1,000 live births, population average. For Blacks, the rate is 345 killed per 1,000 live births).[10] It will increase the national debt[11], an unethical exploitation of the young and unborn children by selfish politicians and the selfish citizens who give the vote-buyers power. You are the absolute authority of your own life. The marbled-halls of the swamps of the Potomac will bring us neither liberty nor security. The power to dictate our decisions and consequences is ours, if we can keep it.

It took 200-years for the persons who spend in the name of the government to accrue our first $1,000,000,000,000 of debt. It took little more than 1-year for our 21st-trillion.[12][13] Only 16 of the last 100-years did the national debt balance decline. The most recent was 1957…[12] (What would the long-term feasibility of your Visa bill look like if you had a net increase 11 months a year? How about a straight increase for 60-years?)

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Data: [14]
The best predictor of future behavior is past, relevant behavior. Those who seek control of your choices, decisions, and life will do whatever it takes to retain and increase control. Political power is an addiction stronger than cocaine.[15][16] The drive to have control over others, is stronger than cocaine. We can have rules, or we can have rulers. We cannot have both. We can have a life where everyone is subject to the same rules, or we can have an elite status of rulers who are not subject to the same rules. The Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama et al. demonstrate the inverted fishing net far too often. It seems that all the little fish get scooped up and the big fish swim away. There is no Ron Paul or Ross Perot coming to save our country. We will claim no benefit by “electing the right guy”. The constitution has not and will not diminish the size and scope of the United States government. Paper does not stop bullets. No man from the correct party will ride his Paul Revere pony of patriotism to Pennsylvania Avenue to turn this ship around. No Republican. No Democrat. No Libertarian, Green, Constitution, Laissez-faire, or any other flavor of rulers is coming to our rescue.

Oligarchy: it’s a small club and you ain’t in it.

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Data: [14]
I am tired of arguing over how much of my life I voluntarily surrender to my rulers. I am tired of debating: “should I be 50% slave, or only 35%?” None of the above…

A friendly reminder from our friends on Capitol Hill:
they must pass the bill so we can find out what’s in it.



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