An article from Zero Gov: The high altitude graveyard.

By Bill Buppert

The High Altitude Graveyard Of Imperial Hubris


I suspect that mountain folk have a naturally libertarian predisposition and a constant suspicion of the state in their blood due not only to region but martial aptitude in taking care of their own and seeing no profit in shoving their neighbors about for long-term gain.

I am happy that Hammes has elucidated on what all of us know already.

Fucking with mountain folks can be hazardous to your well-being.

I’ve got another idea, the US should stop militarily fucking with the planet no matter what the terrain is.

T.X. Hammes: “Thus, the first rule in dealing with mountain people should be to leave them alone. If a nation decides it is a strategic imperative to fight them, it should not attempt to impose centralized government and especially not try to force outside officials on them. Historically, mountain peoples govern themselves locally. Any larger government was usually achieved only after centuries of often bloody effort.”

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