An article from The Price of Liberty: The best of times – the worst of times

Jeremy’s note: I have struggled for years with patriotism. I wave my flag and ask myself “Who really owns my life?”. How much of my spirit do I dedicate to supporting a group of individuals that I know to be morally wrong who subtly declare “we own your life”? How do I say “yes, this is a good thing, a great thing”. There is a gun in the room pointed at the dissenters but it’s pointed at you, too.

I am registered to vote and usually do, judiciously marking every “NO” bubble with indignation at the very thought that my malevolent rulers dare tease me with financial freedom. The alternative bubble, “YES”, results in more ammunition feeding the gun pointed at my head and my wallet held captive, robbed to pay for those heinous things I find most appalling and egregious. It is only a sick irony that my property ransom was mailed only one week after my ballot. 

As my eyes move down the columns of this ballot I recognise many names for I have seen them all before. These names have spread themselves so wide and so far, plastered on street corners and billboards and radio stations and television. I see so many names and I hear so many names but not one argument – only clichés and one-liners and half-truths and outright lies. They say they want me to vote to make my voice known but you will not hear my voice – only a whisper.

I wonder “shall I stick to my principles and burn this insult?” or “shall I gamble on buying a little more time?”. I struggle to find the right answer – perhaps there is none. At least with burning the thing I extract some kind of value.

I would love to see just one more sign in somebody’s lawn: Vote Nobody

By Mamaliberty

The best of times – the worst of times


The desire/compulsion to control the lives and property of others is the ROOT of all evil. All of the evil: hate, wars, theft, murder and lies come from this. All of the race, gender and sex “political correctness” insanity is based on controlling other people. Politics is just another name for the control others game – that always destroys individual liberty.

Controlling oneself, being responsible for oneself and family, living in voluntary association and cooperation with others, and rejecting the idea that one can or should control others… that would seem to me to be a wonderful goal for the future of individual liberty and prosperity.

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