An article from Living Freedom Blog: VONU reborn

Jeremy’s note: My goal is to take increasing levels of responsibility for my life. It is my hope that I may inspire others to take increasing levels of responsibility for theirs through this blog and in person. Through a link in Claire’s post, I have listened to a few episodes of The Vonu Podcast. It has been a fascinating show hearing what other’s are doing in their lives to be the most free they can in their situations. 

By Claire Wolfe

VONU reborn


No freakin’ ivory tower philosophy for those two. You believe in freedom? You go out and put your beliefs to work in your own life. You don’t just sit on your arse and dream of Libertopia. You don’t just write books describing how things would work in some ideal society. You certainly don’t just sit and bitch about how you “can’t be free” because freedom isn’t being handed to you on a political platter. You get in there and DO freedom to the best of your ability. For yourself. Set an example. Try to introduce practical freedom in your neighborhood. Avoid the state.

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