Gun Culture

I believe not in the equality of outcome, but rather, the equality of opportunity. This is not new idea. [1][2] Since the founding of freedom this was not a distinction that required note, but it seems to be increasingly important to seperate these obviously contradicting ideals. [3][4] Equality of outcome is holding every individual back to the least abled and penalizing those who possess extra abilities or demonstrate increased effort. Equality of opportunity is allowing and encouraging individuals to work as hard and creatively as they please and supporting the freedom to choose for themselves.


I cherish the freedom to act as an individual and I want all people to echo the same individualism in every manner through their lives. We in the West have largely had relative equal opportunity intellectually for a very long time. [5] What remains unequal is the opportunity of force. The Non-Aggression Principle illustrates that no individual has the ethical right to initiate force upon a fellow person. [6][7] Self-defense is the reaction to a force with reasonable, prudent, and proportional equivalence necessary to stop the initiated force.


Just as a blind man requires the tool of Braille and the deaf man requires the tool of a special-format telephone, the small or weak or disadvantaged require tools to offer equal opportunity of defense against an initiation of force. [8][9] Few tools offer such a definitive defense against severe threats and force as the firearm. No tool offers a stronger definitive defense against the would-be rapist as a petite female with a revolver tucked in her waist band. No tool offers a stronger definitive defense against the would-be burglar as an elderly man with a shotgun leaning against his headboard. No tool offers a stronger definitive defense against the would-be child-abductor as the mother with a sub-compact handgun openly carried on her belt. No tool offers a stronger definitive defense against a hungry cougar, a stalking bear, or a charging moose as a hiker with a large caliber revolver in a chest-holster.


To encourage and support a culture free of firearms is to encourage and support the life of a victim. To be an individual is to be a self-owner with personal responsibility. [10] Own your life. [11] Embrace and enjoy the gun culture.



“We are now involved in a war in this nation, a last-ditch struggle in which the other side
contends only the king’s men are allowed to use force or the threat of force,
and that any uppity peasant finally rendered so desperate as to use the same kind of armed force
routinely employed by our oppressors must surely be a ‘lone madman’ who ‘snapped for no reason’.”
– Vin Suprynowicz, The Ballad of Carl Drega (2002), p. 36