unCanyonlands & unArches National Parks

Almost all of the national parks are surrounded by BLM land. On BLM, as opposed to the national parks, you can roam and camp at large. With only a few exceptions, we can drive anywhere and let the dog roam as he his nose pleases with no entrance fees and no camping fees.

We never once entered a park. There is no need. We never once paid cover fees to enter an area we are already taxed to maintain. We did not support NPS. We were not subject to arbitrary and heinous rules.

Also, regarding the Lesbaru, I prefer to call it a “Montana rally car.” No homo.

An old mine shaft was marked on the map. We found it but the BLM beat us there. It turns out the BLM began a project this year to cap abandoned mine shafts. Don’t worry mom, we weren’t going to go inside…very far. All that remains is a big cement poop in the desert. Uranium is the primary ore mined in this area.

This is the Colorado River, the northern-most part of Lake Powell. Glen Canyon national recreation area makes up the lands surrounding Powell. Very neat area. The pictures following is a slot canyon we decided to explore in this area.